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About The University

Magadh University  (READ IN HINDI) enjoys the honour of being the largest university in Bihar with its 19 constituent and about 39 affiliated colleges, 1 Engineering college, 2 Law colleges and 2 Dental colleges spread over the districts of Gaya, Nawada, Jehanabad, Arwal and Aurangabad. This serene centre of learning nestles in the vast area of land in the vicinity of Bodh-Gaya, the holy seat of Lord Buddha's enlightenment. It beams with the natural beauty of trees and plants of fruits and flowers, parks and gardens studding the silver sheet of the land of the university campus. Nature stands here in sharp contrast with big buildings, the stadium, pitched as well as concrete roads, and bare pieces of land that are but essential to run the offices, to actuate academic activities in different post-graduate departments, to facilitate games and sports, to help smooth movement, to accord accommodation to the employees and guests and to lend a hand to desirable furtherance of infrastructures on the campus. Magadh University was established on March 1, 1962 as a consequence of the earnest wishes and efforts of the intellectuals and educationists of the Magadh region and also its foundation echoed the conversion of the long cherished dream of the people of Magadh into reality.

The University began with Dr. Kali Kinker Dutta, a historian of distinguished scholastic calibre known in India and abroad, as its first Vice-Chancellor. It grew to an excellence in teaching, extra-curricular activities and also its developmental works under the stewardship of Dr. Dutta. It is worth noting here that the present campus of the University has the glory of having its foundation stone laid on August 20, 1964 by His Excellency Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the then President of India, who was showered upon the epithet of the 'Philosopher-King'. After Dr. K.K. Dutta, its founder Vice-Chancellor, Magadh University made steady and admirable progress under about three dozen academicians and administrators as its Vice-Chancellors. Some of them include Sri Zawar Hussain, Sri Rai Bageshwari Prasad, Sri Sachida Nand Prasad, Dr. Sri Krishna Prasad, Dr. Har Govind Singh, Dr. J.C. Kundra, Sri F. Ahmad, Prof. Indu Dhan, Justice S.C. Mookherjee, Prof. B.N. Rawat, Dr. Abhimanyu Singh, Dr.Shamshad Hussain, Dr. Birendra Nath Pandey, Dr. Arvind Kumar, Dr. Arun Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Md.Ishtiyaque, Prof. (Dr.) Qamar Ahsan. Now the University is on the path of progress and prosperity under the most dynamic stewardship of the present Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Prasad. Magadh University imparts Post-Graduate teaching in 22 subjects in the faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Commerce and runs a number of vocational courses like Journalism and Mass Communication, Bio-Chemistry, Electronics, Environmental Science, Library Science, Women Education, Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Yoga, Education, Foreign Languages etc. on its campus at Bodh Gaya. Besides, facilities for Post-Graduate education in different subjects and numerous vocational courses are available in several colleges of the University. Teachers and students are the soul of a university. Their advancement and enrichment constitute the real test of its worth. Magadh University has proved true to this test. The teachers of this university are given to teaching with excellence, attending and sometimes presiding over national and international seminars and conferences, contributing illuminating research papers to prestigious Journals and having several books published by world class publishers. A large number of its alumni have gained grand success in the fields of arts, science, commerce, law, management, athletics, education and administration.